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Quick Tips for a Tired Pooch

Do you need to tire your pup? We have 6 fun and quick tips that should help burn some energy.

Running Stairs

If your pup is physically able to do stair, this is a great way to loose some needed energy. You can run them up and down by throwing a ball, treats, or with a leash and physically going with them (does Rocky come to mind?).



Hose Playing Around 

On nice days and if your dog likes water, playing with a hose or sprinkler is a great way to tire a dog out.








If you have flyball in your area it’s a great bonding and energy burning experience. The best way to describe Flyball is, like a human relay race. Dogs race down a course, jumping over 4 hurdles and at the end there is a box with tennis balls. The dog is required to step on the box to release a ball, they carry the ball back to the starting line, where the next dog would take off. The team with the lowest penalties and the fastest time wins, some penalties would be starting before the teammate returned or dropping the ball.




Running with your dog is a great activity, you both get to enjoy being outside while increasing stamina and building muscles.







Back to basics, fetch is always a number 1 quick and easy exercise to tire out a pet. You can almost always fit it into a busy schedule and even on rainy days play in a living room or basement (just be sure to put away anything breakable first).






Playing with Doggy Friends

What a great way to burn that puppy energy than playing with their dog pals.

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