Preston ‘The Food Fighting Flat Coated Retriever’

Prior to Puppy Shananigans Camp, Preston would have fought & won for that Snack Wrap

Talk about second chances. Preston, the Flat Coated Retriever.

Left unwanted at the shelter, for no known apparent reason. Seeming like a happy excitable young dog, Preston was being considered for adoption. This was very soon reconsidered and the unknown reason became clear. Prestons’ adoption chances were out the window. Humane euthanasia was now being considered due to his extreme food aggression. Almost ripping the hand off of a kennel member at the shelter. Prestons’ options were becoming limited. Puppy Shananigans was soon informed of this extreme behaviour. Believing all dogs should be given a chance. Preston was recruited into Puppy Shananigans Rehabilitation Program. Today, Preston is in his Furever home, his transition would not have been successful without his new Dads dedication following the rehabilitation plan. Preston has mastered all his behaviour issues, and is even thriving at treat balancing based tricks. Preston and his new family are extremely happy to have had this amazing second chance.

… now a trick master!

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